Thursday, August 30, 2018

Denmark ( Copenhagen, Odense)

Our plan was to visit Norway, but we figured that Denmark was a short flight away and having family in Odense meant we definitely wanted to spend a couple of days here. Hence we booked our flight to and from Oslo to Copenhagen or Kobhaven through SAS airlines. Except for their capital city of Copenhagen, there isn't much to see we figured. Here is our itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in Copenhagen -> drive to Odense
Day 2: drive back to Copenhagen and fly out to Oslo

When to go:

I found this clock really fascinating
We were here for a couple of days end of August and it was drizzling all through. I would perhaps recommend going earlier in summer for a sunnier weather.

Getting around:

Public transport is your best option. We got a bit lazy and decided to rent a car and drive to Odense, which was only a couple of hours drive, but it turned out to be an expensive proposition due to tolls and rental. Public transport is pretty well connected and your best bet. I won't complain about the drive though, the bridge and the views of the sea were quite pretty! 

Luggage storage:

In case you want to take a day trip to Copenhagen, which is not a bad idea at all, you can store your luggage at the airport or the train station. We had intended to do that, but after renting a car, we didn't store our luggage. 


Round tower
It's the third largest city in Denmark, but still a very small City by any standard. We were here to meet family and we are so glad we did. Drive to Odense is beautiful. The views of the sea are spectacular and I have always been in awe of European road engineering especially with bridges and tunnels. We also got to witness our families Desi Danish life. 
The town is small and had a very calm and serene vibe. We were happy to gobble up home cooked Indian food and later went for a walk to a nearby park and pond and then to a community garden closeby. Ate fresh Danish apples and walked back home. Was so lovely to meet our nephew and our niece. For those looking for more things to do, Odense is the hometown of Christian Anderson, writer of some famous children story books like The Ugly Duckling. You could visit his house and his museum. Another things to do would be to visit the Egeskov Castle and the church in the city. We went to the castle but ditched going in as it was raining and we wanted to get to Copenhagen and spend as much time as we could in the city.


This city has lots to see and you can plan your entire day visiting various tourist spots. Again, we shouldn't have rented the car because parking was crazy expensive. But we didn't have a choice. First stop was an Italian restaurant, Spaghetteria la Perla, for some good lunch. Now we were set to walk around and explore the old town on foot.
We started walking to the round tower (Rundetaam) and the church. Then we walked all the way to the City Hall square and visited the clock museum. Clocks always fascinate me, hence the visit. Next up was walk through Stroget to Nyhaven. Goal was to take a boat tour. But, we didn't check the times earlier and ended up missing the one that had just left. So, plan your day trip around this tour if you want to get on one.
One of the many fountains in the city
Anyhow, we decided that since it had stopped drizzling, we would simply walk around the old town. So, we walked along the colorful boat harbor to Amalienborg and the Geifan fountain, and carried on to the The Little Mermaid statue. This was an absolute must on my list. Why, I don't know, but I have read and heard so much about it, that I just had to visit and take pictures of this statue. Mind you, it is quite a long walk, but had plenty of pretty sceneries to offer. From he we walked back to Frederik's church and picked up dinner to go from Indian restaurant, Caven before driving to the airport for our return flight.
I strongly feel that we should have stayed for a little longer may be another day and enjoyed the evening/ night here in Copenhagen. We missed visiting the freetown Christiania and going to Rosenberg Castle. Our rough walking map in case you want to get an idea.


What else to do in Denmark:

My favorite - mermaid statue

  • Drive to Sweden via an underground tunnel. I hear its pretty exciting and popular htings to do as lot of people combine their travel to these countries.
  • Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are another popular attraction that we completely skipped in the interest of time.
  • Lot of museums to visit.